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Helping Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

Helping Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

Got a little one that has some extra anxiety around dental visits?

It’s normal for people of all ages to have some trepidation about seeing the dentist. But there are ways you can help your little guy or gal overcome their fears.

As we have learned, the best advice for parents is to not project their own fears of the dentist on to their children. Not only are we experts on your children's teeth, our doctors and staff have specialized training in child psychology. We understand what makes them tick!

Identify their fears

It’s helpful to know what exactly about their dental visit is the scariest part.

Are they afraid of the hygienist’s face mask? Is there a scary poster on the wall? Do they hate the taste of the toothpaste that’s offered?

Identifying fears can help you work with your child’s dental team to figure out a solution. Also, sometimes just talking through fears can help your child feel more relaxed.

At Edmond Pediatric & Teen Dentistry, you can be in the room with your child!

Would it help your child to have you holding her hand or rubbing her leg?

Or are they better off feeling a sense of autonomy and empowerment by being brave?

Determine which is the right approach for their visit.

Teach simple relaxation techniques

Practice doing deep breathing techniques at home. Have them breathe in for 5 seconds, and then out for 5 seconds. Tell them to try this during any time in their visit that causes them fear.

You can also suggest playing a game of imagination. Have them imagine their favorite activity, such as playing soccer or blowing out birthday candles.

Offer a reward

If you use a reward system in your parenting, remind your child about something they will receive once their visit is over. Perhaps a new toy or a trip to their favorite ice cream place is enough to distract them during their visit.

Visiting our office doesn’t have to be a scary experience. In fact, that is why have special prizes, fun décor, & fun television programs ready to provide a pleasant experience for yourkids.

What’s important is working with your child to address their fears instead of pretending they don’t exist or shouldn’t be feeling them.

Power on, parents!

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